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The Chocolate Harlot

Your love of chocolate is my passion. 

Using only fair-trade and organic  couverture and natural ingredients, this love affair with chocolate is sometimes savoury, sometimes sweet. 

Be it a dash of cardamom or zatar, the lingering taste of caramel, a delicate touch of lavender buds, or the delicious ganache of a hand-dipped truffle, it's all about the experience.

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Her Ingredients

Although the unusual variety of ingredients might suggest a promiscuous approach, The Chocolate Harlot is a chocolatier first and foremost. 

The chocolate couverture is organic and, more importantly, fair trade. Each creation is made with natural, organic or local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Following in a mentor's footsteps, The Chocolate Harlot is dedicated to supporting healthy and sustainable practices

Percentage of proceeds are donated to charities that support these principles. 

Her Chocolates

A delicious adventure able to meet a variety of chocolate lovers' needs.

Whether your preferences lean to the traditional or the unusual, The Chocolate Harlot's tasteful creations will please.

Be it spice spoons or campfire caramels,  zatar squares or praline and fruit bars, her chocolates are inspired by wild edibles, local gardens, and by your openness to explore the boundaries of the cocoa bean.

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The Chocolate Harlot

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Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

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