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Upcoming Shows & Events

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Sweeten up your sweetie or your best friend's day with something special. Gift  a chocolate treat starting as low as $2. Gift can be playful or sinfully delicious. Gift boxes from $8 to $13 or .... 

If you have colleagues to thank & a budget, let the Chocolate Harlot create a memorable token of your appreciation for each.

Where I'll be in February:

 The Arlington in Maynooth this Friday (7 pm to 9 pm) to tempt ice climbers with chocolate - hiking turtles & caramelized treats as well as chocolate bars - & quite possibly cricket-dusted truffles.

The Maynooth Market on Saturday from 11 am to just before 3 pm

Ottawa on Sunday from 2 until 5:30 pm at 166B Drummond Street in a co-housing space hosted by my friend Christine.

UP NEXT: Check out The Chocolate Harlot's Club to discover a fun way to thank a friend for being a friend. There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

The Chocolate Harlots' Club

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Become part of The Chocolate Harlots' Club & be among the first to taste the newest creations & co-collaborate on truffle & caramel development as well as receive members' perks.

$15 a month reserves your box that will always have something extra.

Call or message for more info: 613-332-1353. 

Sign up for THREE months & Refer a Friend who also signs up & receive an extra month. No reason not to Eat Chocolate For Breakfast then. 

Or Sign up for all more than three months (we know you want to) & get a gift as well as a free month for a friend (or equivalent for yourself - we won't tell).  


The best friends are friends with chocolate. ;) To help make that a reality, this month anyone who wants to try the Club for just a month, can. No need to sign up. Contact The Chocolate Harlot at 613-332-1353 or tara@thechocolateharlot.com to find out more. 

What people are saying


Everyone loves The Chocolate Harlot but they've been a little shy to post a review on the FB page. Go ahead, go public about your love. It'll feel good. Almost as good as chocolate for breakfast.

Recent quotes - yes, I'll brag: "I would order six of your Advent Calendar’s next year....your chocolates ... have a unique punch (taste)!" ... "The tiny tiny birds I am IN LOVE!"  

And one last plug: "Your chocolates are exquisite. So good they were not around long enough at Christmas to share."


THIS JUST IN: "...engaged in an ecstatic dance with the most intoxicating and sensual chocolate EVER. And half my Christmas shopping done." 

ok, maybe enough has been said. But if you are inspired, there's a truffle waiting for you at the end of a review.

Current Promo - It's tiny tin time.


Bring in a vintage chocolate or candy tin and receive 10% or more off your next order. 

Re-purposing to keep the footprint small. 

And did you know the clear bags you get your goodies in are compostable? The Chocolate Harlot is doing her best.

AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THIS HEART MONTH's SPECIAL : Join the Club for just a month. Get a taste of the experience without a commitment. See above.

Good news stories


Have you heard? 

There's a new fun thing to do with Chocolate: 

ChocolateTasting & Creating Event for four to eight participants. Bring your creation home to enjoy.

For a birthday or just for fun, consider hosting a Chocolate Tasting Party (10 to 30 guests depending on location). 

The host also gets a gift.

Please message or call for details.



When will the next pop-up be?  

Upcoming shows planned for Maynooth & Ottawa. Workshop in Bancroft.

Can I order directly from you? 

Yes, please. Orders welcome.  

How Can I Pay?

The old-fashioned way though I'll accept e-transfer & personal cheques as well. 

What's the newest creation? 

Cricket-dusted Truffles. Great for your gut as well as for the planet. This was a co-created creation. Thanks to workshop participants. Who knew?! Now the Harlot Knows.